Hardwood floor installed by A&M Home Improvements in New Jersey

Add a touch of class to your floorplan and new construction with a hardwood installation.

Hardwood floor installed by A&M Home Improvements in Westfield, New Jersey

For durability and versatility, choose A&M laminate flooring in Plainfield, NJ.

Hardwood floor installed by A&M Home Improvements in Plainfield, New Jersey

There's more to vinyl than meets the eye. Learn more when you contact A&M.

3 Reasons to Call A&M for Floor Replacement

1. Our flooring contractors are convenient and inexpensive

Maybe you put off a new flooring installation because of the cost, maybe you've looked for the best flooring contractor for your new construction project - or maybe you just didn't want to deal with flaky contractors. Rest assured, A&M Home Improvements is a cut above the rest. As residential and commercial flooring installation experts, we swiftly assess your flooring needs and complete your project within weeks. Our mission is to provide you with a beautiful surface at an affordable cost.

Don't let your budget get in the way of your home remodeling dreams. Call A&M Home Improvements at (908) 821-7282 to receive your free flooring estimate. We service Plainfield, Westfield, Elizabeth, NJ and the surrounding north and central NJ areas. 

2. That shag carpet is so last century

Admit it, you’ve hated your shag carpeting for years. It might be soft, but it’s definitely an eyesore. Up your interior design game and make the switch to something more aesthetically appealing. A&M Home Improvements routinely conducts flooring replacements for the north and central Jersey community. Contact us to learn more about:

Our family-run business used to focus solely on carpeting – so we know a thing or two about trending patterns and styles. Since expanding, our company has mastered hardwood flooring installations. Let A&M improve your space. Call (908) 821-7282 to schedule a consultation.

3. Your Plainfield, NJ property value can increase

You might not be thinking of moving just yet, but when it comes time to put your house on the market, you'll notice the impact of new flooring. Too often, homeowners neglect their flooring surfaces. Carpet stains and hardwood scratches always send potential buyers running. If you invest in your property today, you can cash in that investment later. Arrange for an A&M flooring replacement by calling (908) 821-7282, and watch your real estate's value soar.

If you want beautiful new floors in north or central Jersey then give A&M Home Improvements a call. We can remove your existing flooring and install the new. We will ensure that your floors are level, take care of any patch work, install new plywood, and complete the project within 3-7 days, though most projects are completed within the day. There are discounts available for projects over 700 square feet. If necessary, we can haul away the garbage and debris, leaving you with a clean home and gorgeous new floors. We offer a guaranteed one year warranty on all of our new installations and are proudly licensed, insured, certified, and bonded. We serve Plainfield, Westfield, Elizabeth, NJ and all of central and north New Jersey so give call us today at (908) 821-7282!

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